Selamat Hari Raya Puasa

It is called Eid in some parts of the world and here in Malaysia it is called as Hari Raya Puasa, I guess it is named after the fasting month whereby “puasa” in Malay means fasting. Being in a multi racial country, this day brings back a lot of good childhood memories as my neighbours were Muslim Malays and I can remember the goodies being sent over in the morning, dishes like ketupat and all the other mouth watering kueh would be served on a tray to our house in the morning.

But now since I live in an upmarket Township and also there aren’t many Malays in my neighbourhood, I guess my holidays would be spent at home with my family. Maybe I would take a drive to Town tomorrow as I know there wouldn’t be any traffic and as everyone has left for their “kampung” to be with their loved ones.

I am sitting in my office and I can see that most of them have already left or either on leave and they would be back by Monday. Oh, how I wish I could turn back the time….and relish on those goodies and visit all my childhood friends.

Hands free

Feeling thin & Sexy

10 Words to Avoid When Writing


Writing is a combination of art and craft. The art comes from much reading, talking, thinking, dreaming, and writing. The craft is primarily technique. Some techniques are complex, but a few are very simple and will instantly strengthen your writing. In many cases, however, strengthening writing simply means avoiding those things that weaken it.
We have identified 10 words that nearly always weaken writing. In no particular order, they are as follows.
1. Really: “Avoiding this word is a really great idea.”
Reason: A really great idea is the same as a great idea. If you need to emphasize something, such as the “greatness” of an idea, use a single word that means what you are trying to say, e.g., “Avoiding this word is an excellent idea.”
2. You: “Sometimes, you feel like writing is too hard.”
Reason: I never feel this way, so this statement is not true. The writer probably means “I” or “some writers,” e.g., “Sometimes, I feel like writing is too hard.” “You” should only be used when you are actually writing to, and about, the reader, not when making general statements.
3. Feel: “I feel the government should stop people from writing poorly.”
Reason: Which emotion is being “felt”? What is the writer touching and, therefore, feeling? Usually, the writer means “believe” or “think.” “Feel” is also used by authors to describe a character’s emotions, as in “He felt despondent.” Instead, the writer should show the emotions through the character’s words and actions.
4. Think: “I think the government should stop people from writing poorly.”
Reason: If you write an opinion, the reader understands that you also think it. Just say what it is you think, e.g., “The government should stop people from writing poorly.”
5. As: “As you write this word, poke out your eyes. It’s weak as it can cause confusion.”
Reason: A person usually cannot do two actions simultaneously, so “as” doesn’t make sense in the first sentence. It could be rewritten, “Write this word, then poke out your eyes.” In the second sentence, the writer should use “because.” Until reading the rest of the sentence, the reader doesn’t know if “as” means two actions are occurring simultaneously or means “because.”
6. A lot: “A lot of writing could be made better.”
Reason: How much is “a lot”? 100 documents? 50% of everything I have written? 1% of one million books? The term “a lot” is meaningless without the context, but if you give the context, you don’t need the term “a lot.” Also, this is highly subjective. “A lot” to one person may seem like “some” to another.
7. Sort of/Kind of: “Using these words is sort of annoying to the reader.”
Reason: If using these words is only sort of annoying, you haven’t told the reader exactly what it is. If it is annoying, say so: “Writing this way annoys the reader.” If it is not annoying, tell the reader exactly what it is, e.g., “Using these words bothers readers.” Use words that mean what you are trying to say, and give the reader exact descriptions. This also applies to “kind of.”
8. Like: “Using these words is like baking with spoiled milk.”
Reason: If this is like something, then it is NOT that thing. Giving accurate descriptions and using correct verbs will reduce your need to use “like,” e.g., “These words spoil your writing.” A good simile can enhance your writing, but using too many makes writing tedious, so try to think of a different way to express your ideas.
9. Just: “Some people are just persnickety about writing. It’s just the way they write.”
Reason: The word “just” doesn’t add any real value to these sentences. Leaving them out results in the same meanings and makes the sentences much tighter and more direct: “Some people are persnickety about writing. It’s the way they write.” Doesn’t that just sound better?
10. Used to: “He used to write like this when he started writing.”
Reason: Using fewer words to express an idea is almost always a good idea, so “used to write” can be written “wrote,” as in, “He wrote like this when he started writing.” The problem is that “used to write” and “when he started writing” both express events in the past, which is redundant. In nearly every case, “used to . . .” can be replaced with a past tense verb.
The sample sentences demonstrate poor uses of these words, but you will find good uses, too. In fact, some of them are perfectly fine in some contexts or when used in particular ways. Your level of formality, purpose, voice, and audience will determine whether or not to use these words. If you’re not sure whether or not to use them in a particular sentence, our advice is to avoid them.
Precise Edit editors keep a sharp eye out for these troublesome and confusing words. We evaluate their use and, in most cases, find a way to revise the sentences so we don’t use them. The result is stronger writing that more clearly and more professionally communicates the author’s ideas.

Settled at last

Looks like I have settled for this theme and the photo is taken from my Township called Canal Gardens at Kota Kemuning Shah Alam, you can see the man made canal with a jogging track. I realised that I was looking for a pot of gold when I was sitting on one. Now my next goal is to get more readers to read and comment on my blogs. Any ideas?

Searching for that exclusive template

For the past 2 days I have been searching for a cool theme and I didn’t seem to get anywhere (back to where I started). Maybe I should be contented with what I have. Keeping this page as simple as possible and not to clutter it with all the available free widgets that my itchy fingers would like to add on (reference is made to blogger). I get envious when I see some of the templates of other bloggers but I just can’t seem to do anything to mine, maybe I am a newbie when concerns this matter.

So what do you think?

What do I have in store for me

This is just to say what my day is going to be like today. Well I sat through the traffic jam this morning to get to my site office and it was raining in the morning but I see the sun now.

I have to prepare myself for today’s Management meeting and I am in the midst of doing that. For your information, my management meeting starts at 2.00 p.m. and it last until maybe 5.00 p.m. Lots of stuff to talk about but the means to execute the talk is still lacking as we are really, really short of funds.

And I get a lot of calls from all the creditors and Iife is actually not a bed of roses, maybe the thorns outweigh the fragrant roses.

I have to have a quick lunch today, maybe I’ll have a bowl of noodles and I have to sit like a buddha in the meeting room.

So the day is pretty much tailor made for me.

Too many blogs to keep track

It becomes a pain when you have too many blogs to update and too little time to do that. I know when I was in Hyderbabad India I definitely had a lot of free time in hand but somehow now when I am in Kuala Lumpur at home, time just gets gobbled away by the time machine.

Anyway I spent some time here on this blog but I don’t see that many hits and I guess I have no one to miss me. So what can I do to get more hits? The answer is very simple….feed the blog with interesting topics but somehow I find that difficult to do as my mind has frozen.

If I were to ask you this question? Which blog site do you thing is the coolest and what is your pick. Be a good sport and share it with me.

Busy at work in KL

Been back home on the 9th of this month and it looks like I have lost track of time. I am stationed at Bandar Bukit Jalil rushing up the houses for the buyers. There is a lot of work to be completed and it’s not easy to do it without vitamin “M”. So I have to face the brunt from the buyers and the authorities, however all this is not my making.

The next best thing to do is actually start looking for another job but I guess the job market is pretty dull at the moment. Got myself registered with Job street  dot com and let’s see what happens?

Everything seems to be expensive after the recent fuel hike and I don’t see any good news coming out from that. Looks like my expense is more then my income and there goes all my savings from my overseas job.

Hope is all I have and I sure do hope to get another job soon.

Blogs from unknown persons

Would you trust blogs which doesn’t display the profile, you don’t even know where the blogger is from, what sex and sometimes some personal information like his or her’s likes. It only has an initial.

I had someone who commented on my blog at blogger just now and I clicked on this persons blog as a matter of courtesy and to my suprise there wasn’t any info on the blogger.

Well I wasn’t feeling comfortable visiting a site like that, I definitely would like the blog to have at least the photo and location of the blogger. So when you type something on their blog, you at least feel a little connected by visualizing them.

So do let me know what you feel on this?