A Simple Blog Template

After so much of tinkering around with the idea of having my second blog with blogger, I had spent the whole afternoon deciding on how to present the blog. Should I go for a 3 column template or should I load it with all the latest widgets but then an idea struck me! Why not keep it as simple as possible, I have a counter for the number of visitors, and one widget for responsible commenting, which I strongly believe in. You know I had received a comment from one of the readers asking to press the link in the comment, and I did that, and my anti-virus alarm went off and I quickly deleted that response. Now why on earth would somebody be so nasty, what did I do to him.

I have one adsense advert by google on my blog and I will keep it that way, not that by placing it all over the blog I am going to be a millionaire. So far in my other blog, my account stands at “0” earnings. So there goes my ambition in blogging for money.

So simple it is, my blog template. Do you agree with my opinion?


4 responses to “A Simple Blog Template

  1. I like your new blog. I’m all for keeping it simple. Too many options or added things on a site makes it less user friendly and less appealing! Good job!

  2. Thank you and you are the first one to comment on this blog which I started today. Simple and sweet I guess.

  3. this one is nice, i like the color. 🙂

  4. Thank you posh_post. Hope to see you around at my sites.

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