How many blogs per week?

What do you think is an ideal number of blogs to be posted per week. Should a minimum of 3 be sufficient or should it be 7 (that is posting a blog a day). Or should it be blog, when there is a need to blog, like looking for events or situations that you can blog about.

It’s about late afternoon now, and I just felt like blogging but I just couldn’t think of a matter to blog and so I had decided to write one on the number of blogs per week. I am amazed with the number of bloggers on the net and the amount of stuff that gets published and are there readers for all these blogs. What strikes a chord with the other bloggers.

I started with a blog many years back, and then concentrated with opera and now on blogger. I don’t really see that many traffic at my blog site. I am just pouring out what I am feeling at the moment as I am sure that the other bloggers would have felt the same way too. I even think whether blogger is a right platform to blog or could there be someother better host for the blogs.

It’s always the why’s that keeps me going and my constant search for that answer. But most of the time, my questions on my blogs are unanswered and it has a natural death, perhaps like these set of questions.


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