Cook "cooked" it

After all the weeks of excitement, David Cook finally won the American Idol by 12 millions votes. I guess this year it must have been the toughest and the closest competition and I think David Cook deserves the title as he has the personality to carry it.

The finale was a drag as 2 hours was too long a wait to find out and also this morning I came to know of the result from a blog posting. There went my element of surprise but I had the feeling about the result after watching the show last night.

I guess after sometime, the show gets a bit jaded and becomes quite predictable. But with the younger viewers cropping up each year and with the advent of mobile phones for the teenagers maybe the popularity would still linger on.

Anyway I enjoyed myself and I felt the most touchy show was when a girl contestant had her dad passed away in an accident just before she came in for auditioning, I just can’t place her name, but it sure did bring lots of tears to my eyes.

My best to this years winner and I am looking forward for the next American Idol in January next year.


2 responses to “Cook "cooked" it

  1. Sucharita Sarkar

    I checked out this blog and I liked the topics you blog about, though I don’t watch American Idol.

    I generally write 1/2 posts per week for each of my two blogs, as I have to do from home after my kids sleep.

    And I agree with you regarding simple templates.

  2. Well what can say except “Thank You”. I am feeling a little upbeat these days as I am going back home to Kuala Lumpur on 27.05.08 for 10 days and thereafter I would stay for 3 weeks in Hyderabad on my return on 06.06.08 and after that I am saying bye-bye to Hyderabad for good.

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