It’s nice to be at home

It’s nice to be at home for this short holiday and I just can’t wait to wind up and really be back home for good. I find that there is no place like home especially if you are with your family. Being at home I find that my brains have gone dead and there is nothing that I can blog at the moment, maybe it would take some time for me to get to my routine here, and before I could settle down into my comfort zone, next Sunday, I am flying back to Hyderabad. That would be my last 3 weeks in Hyderabad.

Not much of blog this one.


2 responses to “It’s nice to be at home

  1. Maybe you could share some pictures of your home as a blog post? That’s an idea I got from another blog where she took various, candid shots of things that are normal sights around the home or city. I thought it was a lovely way to share “home.”

  2. Yes I would do that, I just upgraded my 4MP camera to a Pentax 10MP camera just now. I took some snap shots in town just now. If you see my other blog there are some photo’s there that I posted which I took in town.

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