Shopping on a Sunday morning

I parked the car in Town (Kuala Lumpur) and went for a banana leaf lunch at a Chettiar’s mess in Lebuh Ampang before embarking for the shopping trip at Sogo with my wife. The picture taken above was from a bridge behind Jalan Masjid India and you can see the Twin Towers in the background. And below is the snap shot of the shopping complex taken at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. There was a sale going on and it was like a fish market inside the mall. I guess people were shopping until they drop…..


5 responses to “Shopping on a Sunday morning

  1. Sucharita Sarkar

    Enjoy your holiday and keep posting so that we can enjoy it, too. I loved your post about growing old – such a practical, positive take on the topic.

  2. Thank you Sucharita and I am glad you loved my post on growing old. Well I have only a few days to enjoy my holidays as I leave on 08.06.08 for Hyderabad.

  3. KL is indeed an addictive shopping destination. Not just for locals like you but travellers too.

    I picked up so many things from a small lane full of shops right opposite to the bus stop that connects to KLIA. And thankfully didn’t pay a penny for about 10 extra kilos on the flight back 🙂

  4. Was it China Town? Petaling Street that you are referring about. The other thing that KL is popular for is the food and the varieties that you get here. Morning I had breakfast in Saravan Bhavan, and it’s pretty authentic the indian breakfast….but nothing can beat the breakfast or tiffin as they call it in Chennai…

  5. Ofcourse, chennai idly and dosas are top notch!!

    I dont remember if it was called china town but for sure it was opposite to that bus stop.

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