Gizmo bug

Yes I got myself a new camera today, I already have a Konica Minolta 5 MP but I felt that I should upgrade to 10 MP, saw one this morning and out of impulse I had to buy it. Anyway I gave my old camera (which is 2 years old) to my youngest son.

I don’t know why I melt like an ice-cream when I am with gadgets and the other day I was thinking of getting a new laptop by apple, switch from Window’s to Mac, but I just couldn’t do it. My laptop is only less then a year and the current model that I have is by HP Pavilion Entertainment PC, still good but I feel like I should change to an apple. Too great a temptation and if I get a good buyer for my laptop in Hyderabad, then maybe I would change to an apple by the end of this month.

I changed my Atom Exec mobile to HTC Touch 2 months back and I have no regrets about that. I even changed my Ipod classic to Ipod mini of 8 GB. I gave my classic to my eldest son and looks like there is no end in giving and buying too. I guess life is too short to be stingy.

Do you feel the same way regarding your electronic gizmos?


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