Coliseum Cafe

Coming to Coliseum cafe (Kuala Lumpur) does bring back a lot of memories for me. This is the first time that I brought both my boys for lunch at this restaurant. I remember I had my steak here about 20 years ago with my wife, after I got my first job in Singapore.

This place has got a new coat of paint and the sizzlers don’t sizzle at your table like the good old days (everyone would notice you when the sizzler arrives at your table). I had a T-Bone steak and my boys had a sizzler (minus the sizzle) and my wife had her grilled NZ lamb.

The waiters are I guess are as old as the establishment and to my suprise, the steaks are still good (not that it wasn’t before). With Kuala Lumpur developing at a fast pace, I hope that this cafe would still be around for my kids to enjoy and perhaps they would bring their kids too maybe in another 30 years from now.


3 responses to “Coliseum Cafe

  1. Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious

    sukku! this was my parents dating restaurant. 🙂 it brings back good old sweet memories!

    Jean Chia

  2. Thanks for sharing the little secret with me Jean. You have a good day and I envy your blogs.

  3. Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious

    you’re welcome, sukku! 🙂

    why envy my blog? you love pink too? haha!

    Hv a great week!

    Jean Chia

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