Back and running

This is my continuation of my saga with my computer. I got it back in shape after screwing it up. I did the inevitable and restored it back to factory settings. On 17th evening I bought an external HDD of 160 GB by Western Digital and backed up all my files. And at nearly 2 a.m. on 18th, I pressed the Recovery Manager, which comes with the HP laptop and voila! it was back as new. One of the reasons that I wanted to do it was my system was getting slower and I know over the past year I had been storing a lot of junk, downloading and deleting free softwares.

I find that the storage space in system restore is inadequate and I am trying to increase it as I read it somewhere, it’s always better to have a bigger storage capacity so that you can undo based on the older images. My advice to the vista users would be as I mentioned in my previous post, is “don’t touch system registry” and you will end as what I did, spend a whole day getting the system running back to how you liked it. And I had problems installing MS office but after cleaning the disc with a little soap water, I was able to install it ( a trick I learned after reading somewhere in the net).

Now I have changed my mind in switching over to a Mac as I see I have gained back the speed and it’s pretty easy restoring it back to what it was.

I think I have a problem with my DVDRW device, maybe a loose connection or it has to be replaced but thank God that I had my extended warranty for another two years left and when I get back home to Kuala Lumpur, I can get it replaced F.O.C.

Now you might be wandering why go through the hassle, but given a choice I would like to spend my evenings and nights with my laptop, maybe it is an addiction. If ever you have a problem, feel free to ask me as I am an experienced hand in this now.


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