What it takes for a blog to be a hit?

I wonder sometimes why some blogs are popular and some are not. What it really takes for a blog to be a hit, for the other bloggers to keep coming back for more. Some just cruise along your blogs silently, they don’t even want to say anything like they are on a stealth mode (yahoo messenger) but then again there are some who would always make it a point to make their presence felt by saying a few kind words. Sometimes harsh words would be a welcome sign too.

Getting ideas or churning out blogs is not an easy task as you have to keep the readers in mind and what you say should have some value (do you agree with me) or it should be able to connect with them. I personally like to read about blogs which focus on the simple mundane day to day activity but with a little touch of humour thrown in. It’s like looking at your life situation but at the same time being detached from it because you have infused some humour in it and maybe laugh at yourself in the process.

And I would also like critics who would say it like it is and maybe stimulate the mind for a debate but I don’t seem to find that from my visitors. A debate is what I like and if my opinion is wrong then I should be told so. I could be barking at the wrong tree so to speak but what I write is always centred on me and my emotional thoughts. I am sure you would have felt the same feeling that I am having regarding your blogs too.

So if you have an answer to my question, please feel free to let me know so that I can improve myself.


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