Happy Birthday son

Well my boy has turned 18 today and I spoke to him this morning and what a sad feeling as I couldn’t be there with him. He would be cutting his cake in the church this evening and I wonder what would be going through his mind. Daddy has always been away from home because of his work (for his well being). I hope he understands that he is always in my heart especially on this special day for him. I told him that he is no more a “boy” now but a man and this little man would leave for Moscow in September 2008 to pursue his studies to become a Doctor.

How I remember him from the time he was born, he was a C-section birth and what a little bundle of joy,who was very inquisitive and loving, oh how time flies.

Happy Birthday Son with lots of love from your dad.


4 responses to “Happy Birthday son

  1. Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious

    wow, sukku! i didnt know you hv such a grown up son!

    Happy Birthday, to yr son! I am sure yr son will understand that his father is doing what is best for the family.

    He’s gonna be a great doctor. 🙂

  2. Thanks Jean…but the moment lost can never be captured back….I guess life is nothing but a tradeoff…but the good news is that life goes on….

    Did you watch the finals….too bad for Germany…I guess Spain deserved the win…..

  3. They almost had the same birthday as my brother! 😀

    I’m sure he understands that the sacrifices you are doing are all for him. To give him a good education.. a good life. It is difficult especially when a birthday comes around. But it will pay off in the end. You are such a noble father.

  4. Jopiecab@ Thank you so much for your comment and I’m sure in years to come my boys would understand…hope to see you around my blogs more often.
    Bye and take care.

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