Sardine Sambal

Looks yummy right. It’s very simple. I had my sardine sambal with an omelette and some cut cucumbers as can be seen below. The sambal is very simple to make:

Soak about 20 red dried chillies after deseeding in hot water and then blend in a blender with tomato, onion, 2 pod of garlic and a dash of soya sauce with some salt to taste with 2 teaspoon of oil.

In a wok with some oil, add green chillies, tomato(like in the pic) and fry the sambal paste until it is fragrant and then empty the sardine and then put in the onions which is cut into wedges. Don’t forget to add salt. Cook for sometime on high flame and after that simmer until the oil comes out. Garnish with corriander.

Voila and it’s ready.

Simple right, food for the God’s or lazy humans like us. Serve it with steamed rice and the omelette( see my blog on steamed omelette). I love basmati, the aromatic rice from India. It is heavenly and words just can’t describe it…it melts in your mouth…..

Like they say, cheap and best………..except for the basmati…but you can use any other variety of rice…
P.S Jean this recipe is for you…………


6 responses to “Sardine Sambal

  1. Dishes look really YUM! Thanks for those recipes. Belated birthday wishes to your son too 🙂

    I’ll take up the tag soon.

  2. I believe you get the sardines “Ayam Brand” from Malaysia in the upmarket supermarkets, I have seen them at Q Mart in Hyderabad and I am sure they would be available in the other states too….it’s really a simple recipe…and hereafter you would get addicted to sambal as you can make extra paste and store it in your fridge…and experiment with prawns, even use the paste in frying noodles, fried rice, etc…

    Thanks for the birthday wishes and glad to know you would take up the tag soon.

  3. Sucharita Sarkar

    yummy recipes, but I have a comment to make on the photo of the sambal…when men chop the coriander, they chop in big chunks, retaining the stems and all the leaves together. when women chop coriander, they chop it really fine and into tiny pieces.
    Is there a philosophy there about micro-macro and yin-yang?

    BTW, thanks for tagging me. I’m already a tag overdue, so I’ll take up your self-analysis tag when I’ve cleared the backlog. Thanks for the thought!

    Happy belated birthday to your son and all the best for his resettlement in Moscow!

  4. Well usually I like to chop the corriander leaves fine but it depends on the variety…If I get a leafy green fresh ones available I would like to include the stem as it is tender and use longer pieces…

    Guess my philosophy is based on freshness…and I pay anything for fresh vege, fruits or meat…

  5. Sukku looks good; even though I am a vegetarian- I am almost tempted to make it!

  6. Well Sujata you can substitute th sardine with “Tofu” (beancurd), what you do is cut into 1 inch cube size and deep fry in oil and then you use that instead of sardine and cook with the sambal paste. In Malaysia Bean Curd sambal is one of my favourites too…

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