Spain 1 Germany 0

Another chapter in the Euro Cup championship came to an end this morning with a superb goal by Torres at the 33rd minute of the game (I loved it as Torres is playing for my favourite team Liverpool). Looked like Germany was outplayed by the Spaniards and the game was getting a bit out of hand and I felt the refree was not in total control of the game.

Michael Ballack being the captain, had been the main culprit and I am suprised that he got away with only a yellow card. Nothing was going right for the German team even though I was hoping until the last second for them to score the equalizer but my dreams were shattered.

To me without England in the tournament was a damper and I just couldn’t come to terms of watching the rest of the team even though at one stage I was pinning my hopes on Holland but they too dissapointed me.

So looks like all good things must come to an end and so did Euro 2008, and I loved the scenic cities where the game was played and the atmosphere on the stadiums looked electrifying. My hats off to the organisers for a great show.


2 responses to “Spain 1 Germany 0

  1. ah ! I also thought that germany may win

  2. Well I was wishing for that upto the very last second…but it wasn’t so…

    Have a good day.

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