What is your level of trust?

Do you believe that the person on the other side of the computer that you are chatting with is genuine? Aren’t there wolves in sheep’s clothing waiting to con you. Have you encountered any such experience? Do share your experience so that we all can learn from it.

Forget about romance but just the motive of the other person ,maybe a fraud, trying to steal information from you. What is your level of trust and how comfortable are you with strangers?

Do you have the 7th sense in knowing the unknown, that is the other person on the other side can be trusted. Have you ever connected to the other person even without seeing them eye to eye or at the their body language.

I have a mixed feeling on this as I generally trust the other side easily as all I want is nothing from them, just to share my experience and thoughts. I read an article about the romance on the internet and it sounds pretty scary. I will paste part of the article below just for your information. But you can access it at :


While danger from such links may not be readily apparent, consider that the persons with whom you are communicating:

  1. May not be anything like they describe themselves, and may not even be the gender they claim.
  1. May not be providing their real name or personal information, and may be using someone else’s account or even a “hacked” account.
  1. May not be located where they say; the individual whom you believe to be on the other side of the country or overseas may be two blocks away.

Tips For Your Safety

Here are some basic personal safety tips you should consider whenever participating in Internet communication, particularly of a personal nature:

  1. Avoid giving out personal information such as your home address or telephone number to people you meet on the net; not everyone is what they seem. There are predators out there, but they won’t look like wolves; they’ll be disguised as sheep.
  1. Exercise caution when agreeing to meet anyone in person whom you’ve met on the net. Before you arrange any such meeting, at least try to address the following:

    1. Can you verify, through a third party whom you know and trust, the true identity of this person?
    1. Is there a way to verify the information provided by this person?


One response to “What is your level of trust?

  1. Hi There! Sorry I haven’t visited in a while.

    I found this to be a fascinating topic, because I AM the trusting sort. It has lead me various characters of ill repute, sadly, but it has not stopped me from believing in people.

    One experience to share ~ of all places, I became friends with a lady (assumingly so) who wrote poetry at the same website as I did (said website has long since been taken out of commission). She seemed geniune and sincere and I believed in her friendship, only to later find out that she was using me to find out other information on fellow poets. I just could not believe such nonsense was taking place in the poetry world! Of all places and with all people! Needless to say, it was a shock and a learning experience.

    But I cannot say it’s all bad. I met Greg online at a dating site. That said, before I met him, there were some VERY strange people on the sites! I learned to “trust myself” rather than the other person. If something struck me as odd, then I believed myself before I believed what the other person wrote.

    I still trust… just that I trust me first.

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