Virtual life

Yes for the past couple of years that is how my life is. Been on the net and been chatting or replying to comments on my blogs. I have been in Hyderabad for the past 6 years and I guess for the last 5 years I am on the net almost every night surfing and blogging. I use to chat in the initial stages but after that I used my energy putting up my blogs and live a virtual life.

I think I am a blogaholic now if ever such a word exist. I have 5 blogs and currently 3 of them are active and now this one. What makes me blog? I guess it must be the addiction and boredom. Am I losing sight of reality? Who do I talk to except the pages in my blogs and sharing it with others who I guess are in a similar boat like me, it is a sinking boat?

I rather spend my time with my notebook then going for a drink in the pub, is there something terribly wrong here. I keep checking my emails for any reply to my blogs and feel rather disappointed if there is no comments on my blogs. Do you have the same feelings too?

I read my newspapers on the net and I do my search on just about anything on the net. So I really can’t imagine myself being away from the net. So my best buddy in this whole entire world is my notebook and I guess my notebook is very resilient and faithful to me. What would I do without it and off course the “www”, the mother of all inventions.


2 responses to “Virtual life

  1. ugich konitari

    You know, long ago, our world had so many different cultures, and some f our eastern/asian cultures differed from the western cultures , in, that it gave great importance to being part of a whole, and less importance to the cult of the indivisual, with excessive importance to privacy etc.

    I find that all this “globailaztion: an IT revolution stuff, in “internalising” people; when stressed, people tend to withdraw, brood, sometimes blog , etc etc. Witness, this over dependence on the laptops and stuff.

    I think there is a lot to be said for mixing with your neighburs, being part of an actual hobby interest group, socialising with your co-workers etc etc. Blogging originated in societies where it was a reaching out to others, without responsibilities , as a friend, neighbor ,colleague etc etc.

    So its great that you realise your dependence on blogging; and I hope things change a bit when you go back to be with your family for some time before your new assignment. Electrons are not a match for real,live humans….

    Wishinh you the best in your new posting…

  2. Thank you so much for you thought…it was really getting a bit scary here with me, like I have withdrawn from the outside world. Maybe it’s because I miss my family and I know whenever I am back for a holiday, time just flies and I usually wont even have time for my blogs…as I know I am only back for a 2 weeks vacation…but when I return home for good, yes I have to balance both my virtual and real life…maybe my frequency of blogs would reduce…

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