Last of the powercuts and other misgivings

Yes after Tueasday I am going to say bye-bye to this powercuts in Sainikpuri that I am staying. What is wrong with this people, they cut the power from 12 noon to 1 pm and again in the evening from 5 pm to 6 pm. What gave them the right to do this cutting and whenever they please it keeps going off and the power fluctuation is terrible in the day time and early morning. Looks like this State (Andhra Pradesh) is going to face a severe shortage of power by next summer as it looks like the monsoon has not lived up to it’s expectation so it would be a double whamy, no power and water.

I am outta here from this place and heading home, I had enough of this torture and the hard water that I use for my bath everyday. Enough of the crazy traffic, enough of cooking for myself and just enough of being here. I had enough of waiting, waiting and nothing but waiting here, right from paying bills to lining up in banks to the supermarket.

Just felt like letting out my frustration which was pent up for the last 6 years that I was here.


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