Goodbye to my bachelor pad in India

Well what you see below is my little pad in Sainikpuri which is about 40 minutes drive from Hyderabad and why I chose this place was that it is a relatively quiet place and I like the design of the house with it’s marble flooring. It is more of a studio apartment with only a master bedroom, a nice huge toilet where I can place my washing machine and a spacious kitchen. It definitely is a setting for a bachelor life, where everything is within reach. I had even set up my office in the living area and with my workstation in my room. Even my dinning is in the living area.

So it’s going to be goodbye to this pad and back to normal life in Kuala Lumpur. Gonna miss my privacy though but hey look at the bright side, I would be with my family.


2 responses to “Goodbye to my bachelor pad in India

  1. Sucharita Sarkar

    It must be great to back with the family after your solitary time-out. Enjoy!!!

  2. Thank you it surely does…

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