Blogs from unknown persons

Would you trust blogs which doesn’t display the profile, you don’t even know where the blogger is from, what sex and sometimes some personal information like his or her’s likes. It only has an initial.

I had someone who commented on my blog at blogger just now and I clicked on this persons blog as a matter of courtesy and to my suprise there wasn’t any info on the blogger.

Well I wasn’t feeling comfortable visiting a site like that, I definitely would like the blog to have at least the photo and location of the blogger. So when you type something on their blog, you at least feel a little connected by visualizing them.

So do let me know what you feel on this?


2 responses to “Blogs from unknown persons

  1. While I do see your point, I do not believe a picture is the be all and end all of getting the feeling about another blogger or person for that matter šŸ™‚

    You have to let yourself shine through – and words are the mainstay for bloggers. I’ve seen sites with a picture but no words to back up that picture worth remembering.

    And vice versa

    Immortalize yourself with words, that’s my motto šŸ™‚

  2. Well you have a point there. Thank you

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