Busy at work in KL

Been back home on the 9th of this month and it looks like I have lost track of time. I am stationed at Bandar Bukit Jalil rushing up the houses for the buyers. There is a lot of work to be completed and it’s not easy to do it without vitamin “M”. So I have to face the brunt from the buyers and the authorities, however all this is not my making.

The next best thing to do is actually start looking for another job but I guess the job market is pretty dull at the moment. Got myself registered with Job streetĀ  dot com and let’s see what happens?

Everything seems to be expensive after the recent fuel hike and I don’t see any good news coming out from that. Looks like my expense is more then my income and there goes all my savings from my overseas job.

Hope is all I have and I sure do hope to get another job soon.


2 responses to “Busy at work in KL

  1. Good to see the photographs taken when I was there in KL. Cheers. The taste of the pork noodle soup that we had for breakfast still lingers in my mouth. Cheers

  2. Glad you enjoyed your trip to KL. I have posted the photos taken at my other blog.



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